Welcome to Harrington Harbour!

If you like adventure, then Harrington Harbour is a place for you.

Harrington has been named as one of the most beautiful places in Quebec

according to www.beauxvillages.qc.ca, as well as a top ten adventure vacation spot in the world.


The majority of the residents of Harrington Harbour are descendants of Newfoundland,

more specifically the West Coast of Newfoundland.  This is evident in our lifestyle and the architecture & colour our of houses. Early descendants came to Harrington Harbour  in the 1800's because  of the cod fishery, a huge industry at the time.


Aside from the rich culture and history Harrington also has three distinctive features:

Network of Boardwalks

Recognized as one of the most beautiful places in Quebec, Harrington Harbour is a place like no other.

A network of boardwalks meander throughout the whole community,

connecting houses, businesses and most places of interest.

The Legend of Marguerite de la Roque

Many different versions of this story exist. We know for certain that in 1542,

Marguerite, a young female relative of Roberval traveled on his ship from France heading for a colony in Quebec.

While on board, Marguerite is said to have fallen in love with one of the crew members.


Infuriated by the scandal; Roberval left Marguerite to fend for herself on a small island – Harrington Harbour -

according to oral history and other evidence.  Marguerite’s lover as well as a female companion were also marooned with her.


It has been documented that Marguerite had a baby while on Harrington Island

and this baby is believed to be the first born French Canadian.  According to local legend, she took refuge in

 “Margaret’s Cave”, a precarious rocky shelter on Harrington Island. Living off of the sparse plants and animals

she found on the island, Marguerite was the only survivor.

Filming of “La Grande Seduction”

The popular French Canadian film, “La Grande Seduction" was filmed in Harrington.

All of the outdoor scenes and a few of the indoor scenes

were filmed locally.


Almost all of the population took part in the film as either

an extra or working with the film crew.

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  1. Government Wharf
  2. Relais Nordik Warehouse
  3. Fish Plant & Market
  4. CFTH Radio Station
  5. Cairn in Hon or of Jacques Cartier
  6. Health Clinic - D.G. Hodd Pavillion
  7. Helicopter Pad
  8. CMR Sales Store
  9. R & B Harbour Retail Store
  10. Church
  11. Jean's B&B
  12. Post Office
  13. Caisse Populaire Desjardins (Bank)
  14. Hockey Rink - Playground - Pool
  15. Cemetery
  16. Marguerite's Cave
  17. Community Hall
  18. School
  19. Restaurant & Bar
  20. Gite Seduction B&B
  21. Boat Hauling Slip

A Map of
Harrington Harbour

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Harrington was first settled around 1871.  It became official in 1890 due to the opening of the post-office. Harrington Harbour was also known by another name “hospital island”, because it was the first community on the Lower North Shore to have a hospital, and got its official name from the 3rd count of Harrington Charles Stanhope in 1831.


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